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Does not play well with others

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This is not to spark a tune debate so please lets not go there. This is just to state my experience of 2 weeks ago. My factory warrantry was set to expire on October 17(monday)along with the Dinan warranty which expires when the factory does). On October 12 the car stops accelerating very well. Took it in and found out the friday before it expires that the turbo needed to be replaced. I contacted Dinan and they worked directly with the dealership, i did not have to do a thing. Sent 2 new turbos to them and paid to have them put in my car. Only needed one but they replaced both and paid for the labor($1657 just for labor) and this was the day after the warrranty expired. Didnt try to get out of it or say it was after the warranty ran out.
That is one of several experiences i have had with Dinan and all went just as easily. Not saying it is the strongest or the best tune, that is not the point of this post. It was what I picked based on several factors and warranty was a major one.