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is it the 5oclock free crack giveaway?
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Originally Posted by karliejai View Post
wat if my car has a ny plates (i know in ny u need front plates too)... can i still get ticketed in nj for no front plate?
yea you'll stick get the $44 ticket. sucks balls but what you gonna do.

Originally Posted by Radioactive Man View Post
Thanks for the feedback guys, nice to see I'm not the only one! Thing is, I'll be moving into Philly next year and PA doesn't require front license plates. So, if I can just keep a low profile for about 6 more months...
yea i would just rock out with my cock out. fuck it whats the worst you get a ticket for $44 then put it on. like someone else said, they see some people put the plate on the dash. i think thats kinda stupid because your basically showing the cop you dont have the plate. i got pulled over with my other cars with no front plate. and told them oh yea i got in a accident and waiting for the license plate frame to come in; let me go. so yeaaa.