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Originally Posted by Cynical View Post
Venders and suppliers like you are terrible. Have you actually read your posts in this thread? Crying about prices and wavetrak GB and distribution.

I have an unauthorized seller locally that's selling them for 1300 installed.
Would you like their name so u can report them?
Does that somehow help your business or help you personally?

It's sad that the manufactures aren't out to protect their authorized dealers who worked hard to earned their dealership status and run a brick and mortar store. Authorized dealers aren't allow to run GB's because of the dealer agreement we signed. Yet, unauthorized dealers who bought from authorized dealers are selling below MAP and running GB's.

And guess what these unauthorized dealers have little clue as to the correct applications most of the time and can't provide much before or after sale tech support. It's hurting everyone with wrong parts been purchased and no support. Guess who the customers call at the end?

It's not fair to any Wavetrac authorized dealers and I am speaking on behave of all of them out there, except for the one who is selling Wavetrac to these guys running GB's out of their garages or bedrooms.

You will never see this happen with Quaife or any other responsible manufacture or distributor.

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