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Professional Radio (non- nav)

I'm new to the boards but not to the car- I just purchased my 4th straight 328i (a 2011, starting with the first back in '98). The last two had the nav; this one I decided to skip it (since it didn't get much use). Now I need to figure out how to get the standard Professional Radio with bluetooth setup (I have the Premium package), but the Owners Manual doesn't even acknowledge this radio exists- it's all about the Nav.

I realize the Nav has more controls, but the Professional Radio seems to be a bit tricky to me. I've ben able to get it working OK (set stations and paired the bluetooth), but I sure could use more insight. A couple of questions:
  • When the phone directory is downloaded (Motorola Droid X2) all I get is telephone numbers- no names. Is this what's supposed to happen?
  • For HD stations with more than one broadcast how do I save the 2nd or 3rd to a preset button?

Does anyone know of a good resource to help explain the workings of the standard radio?