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Originally Posted by AFF View Post
I took the interior of my door panel off today and noticed a female plug for tweeters to plug into therefore I am now considering purchasing a pair of 4 Ohm OEM Tweeters to connect parallel with the mid-range. I understand the 4 Ohm mid-range speaker in the doors are already connected in parallel with the 4 Ohm woofer under the seat. To prevent dropping the Impedance further (below 2 Ohms) I am considering replacing them with 8" Earthquakes to run off an separate amplifier.

What do you guys think??
. Thats probably the best idea for the price. You may want to read the post titled base stereo measurements. He talks a lot about de-eqing the base stereo. The alpine kit should be an option you think about for that reason. Otherwise the above is probably the only way to stay very cheap but you may have a wierd eq (boosted bass and treble)