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Originally Posted by xenon View Post
The F10 now comes with the full black panel instrumentation that your photo doesn't show. I suppose it could be bland insofar as it's understated which is a BMW trait. Both nice cars though but I'm not that keen on those wheels on the F10.
I wasn't sure about the F10 wheel when I first saw them but they look very nice from the side photograph IMO - a little bit CSL style, would be nice with some 'dish' to them

Originally Posted by dopper99 View Post
Not really looked at the new 5 series but amazed at glance how the interior doesnt look at lot different to an E9X. Seats are prob the same too. I can see why you might think the 5 is "the same old thing".
I think the Audi looks nice, I like the look of it and can see why you fancy a change. It wont be forever and you can always come back to a beemer in a few years, if you feel the need.
The 5 just seemed to be a grown up 3-er - more of an evolution than a revolution. The pictures of the new F30 dashboard impress me more than the F10, although the large 'nav' screen in the BMW with the split display is fantastic

Change is as good as a rest, they say?!

Originally Posted by mowflow View Post
Interesting read. I've only seen a handful of A7s on the road and I do think they look very nice in the flesh. It's got a very rakish, coupe like shape that often comes across as looking a bit weird in photos. The F10 is also a nice car but in my opinion it's a bit dull looking (never driven one). I was disappointed when I first saw one as the interior and exterior just looks like a slightly larger alternatively facelifted e90 where as the e60 was a mini revolution compared to it's predecessor.
I had not really noticed the A7 until I followed one that was a very good spec - they are pretty rare still on the road - in a dark ish colour with the right wheels I personally think they look stunning.

As does an F10 in the right spec though to be honest.

Originally Posted by creepy coupe View Post
F10 all day long, well that particular one anyway, it looks great. The Audi is trying too hard inside and looks odd outside.
That one does look good - my business partner has a Space Grey 520D m-sport with the 19" wheel upgrade, rear spoiler and sun prot glass that also looks spot on.

That conincidentally was also another reason for me to not have a 5 series - having a pair of matching cars parked outside!

Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
That's the first F10 that I've seen that I actually like the look of,the MSport kit makes a lot of difference, to what is in my mind a jelly mould of a car.

I can't say I like the look of the Audi, and the back end does it no favours, based on looks alone I'd have favoured the Beemer.

Still after 5yrs of a BMW a change is as good as a rest I guess,so good for you Paul, and hopefully the car will do everything you want it too.

"Handling was fantastic and felt a LOT better than the F10 - the feel back through the steering felt less vague than the BMW which felt a little dead and over-assisted."

Are the F10's all electric steering now?
As far as I know the F10's all have electric steering, and on the forum's the dull steering feel seems to be the biggest complaint of owners?

I think I prefer the front end of the Beemer compared to the Audi but love the rear coupe styling of the A7

It really has been an incredibly tough choice - what one car does well, the other less so and vice versa!!

Originally Posted by rsmallwo View Post
Loooks abit "Fleety"/"Reppy" does the A7 in that SE guise. Still she still looks a nice motor.

Get that engine remapped and then get a milltek exhaust on it and you won't miss your V8 sound track quite as much:

Need speakers will listen later when I get home!