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For some reason, your post doesn't show up entirely on my screen and I got tired of scrolling so sorry if it is already answered:

Any check engine light or effect on the DEF/DPF parts?

Why did you decide on resonated (versus straight pipes) - does your state require emissions or decibel max?

Can you post the price - I'm sure there will be a lot of us asking?

Thanks for doing this - glad to see someone taking the initiative. If we can get both sound and performance, this will be my next upgrade. And because it looks like "cat-back", shouldn't have any warranty problems at the dealer.

Note: If I wasn't still under warranty, I would like to pull the whole emissions related parts out since we don't have testing here in Michigan. Did that with my S4 and had full catless exhaust with non-resonated Millteks - sounded great.