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Originally Posted by EYE4SPEED View Post
For some reason, your post doesn't show up entirely on my screen and I got tired of scrolling so sorry if it is already answered:

Any check engine light or effect on the DEF/DPF parts?

Why did you decide on resonated (versus straight pipes) - does your state require emissions or decibel max?

Can you post the price - I'm sure there will be a lot of us asking?

Thanks for doing this - glad to see someone taking the initiative. If we can get both sound and performance, this will be my next upgrade. And because it looks like "cat-back", shouldn't have any warranty problems at the dealer.

Note: If I wasn't still under warranty, I would like to pull the whole emissions related parts out since we don't have testing here in Michigan. Did that with my S4 and had full catless exhaust with non-resonated Millteks - sounded great.
Sorry big pictures are causing the problem.

As for resonators, since I did not know exactly how loud it would be, I wanted to be play it safe, so I thought resonators would be a good compromise (straight pipe vs muffler) and without restricting airflow. It is possible if I removed them the sound would be a bit better, but as I stated above even with all pipes and mufflers off the exhaust sound is still very quiet. If you look at that big empty cavity after the resonators in the pics above, that's how BIG the stock mufflers were by comparison. They were HUGE.

This morning I was sitting in my truck in the garage and the d was parked in the driveway right behind me with the rear/exhaust facing me and when my wife went to start the car I heard a nice deep growl from inside my truck when she started it. Now mind you it wasn't loud, but I never heard that before. Put a smile on my face.

No check engine lights. I did not want to interfere with the emissions systems. Since the exhaust is cat back, the cats, NO2 sensors, DEF and DPF are all untouched and operate as they normally would.

I would love to pull the emissions system out, but the obvious obstacles are the DEF and DPF for which we will need coding to work around it. I think there is a lot of pent up power in our cars.

As for price, my system was a prototype, so I am not sure what the retail cost would be, but I am sure if someone is willing to call Joe and ask he would be happy to tell you.