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Well ive had the final phone call today saying tat they have been in contact with BMW UK and they will not authorise the Oil replacement as part of the warranty claim, and that they arent prepared as a dealership to meet the cost of the oil by ways of good will. So it was: Sytners Sutton Coldfield.

I am in total disbelief that a manufacturer such as BMW who pride themselves on quality, were insist on reusing old engine oil... especially in the case of an internal engine component fault. I have always carried out repairs on my own vehicles in the past and never once even considered reusing the old oil.

I must say that my dealings with BMW UK have been very prompt and pleasant to deal with. I expressed my concerns with the engine and gearbox being removed with just 2 months remaining manufacturers warranty, so they have come forward with offer of 50% towards extended warranty. This is obviously very much appreciated and goes some way to restoring my faith.

Sytners Sutton however have done absolutely nothing to help this or retain my custom in the future. Disgraceful at best.

I think the main point to take forward from this however is the potential reliability issues with the earlier N47/N57 (2.0d/3.0d) engines as they share the same timing chain components!