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Keep in mind that when you run full catless exhaust there is a risk of more smoke. One reason is there is no filter anymore and any residual smoke from oil/fuel that would usually be burnt up in the cat will now not be. Another is that with reduced back pressure, the turbos tend to blow a little more oil pass their internal seals. Nothing that suggests they are failing, just something that is more common with turbos and open exhausts. If it you're worried about it, throw the cats back on and see if the smoking is less/gone altogether.

Also, white smoke is not just from coolant. Unburnt oil is also a cause for white smoke. For example if you have an intake valve leaking oil into the combustion chamber, or the turbo is leaking oil on the intake charge side of the engine, the oil will be burnt up in the combustion chamber causing it to look blue. However, if the oil is from an exhaust valve, or is leaking purely out of the turbine exhaust seal, that oil will not be burnt up in the combustion chamber and will appear as a white smoke coming out of the exhaust. How much smoke will let you know how bad/serious the issue really is.
This seems to an intellignet response to this issue.

I went fully catless today (HKS exhuast coupled with AR design DP that was on the car for about 2-3 weeks). I am a little worried but I will try and be patient as it seems to be common when running a catless setup. I am running the COBB stage 1 aggressive v203 map. The COBB Stage 2 has the linear throttle that I hate. I cant wait for COBB to release the Stage 2 stock throttle maps so I can feel the power without having to punch the throttle to floor to get the car going.

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Been a few months since I posted on this thread. I originally had white smoke in the engine bay and driver's side exhaust. Appeared my front turbo was burning oil but has cleared up since I installed the OCC. I'm still blaming the turbo seal but the OCC has really helped and I don't recall seeing smoke since the OCC install. I'll find out for sure when my new turbo's go on and I remove the OCC.
I am going to do some research into the oil catch can. I really hope this is accurate. I wont be able to stand the smoke for too long. I will have to go back to the catted set up if I cant resolve this soon. As with everyone else's issue, the smoke is coming from the driver-side exhaust pipe.

BTW - The fully catless exhaust note is fuccing nasty. I absolutely love it. The car is so damn 'SPUNKY' LOL. The turbo lag is definitely less apparent and the car is peppy and ready to run. I feel the added power and responsiveness of the throttle. I want this issue fixed so I can enjoy the car more. I cant wait to start the car tomorrow for two reasons:

1. to hear the cold start up
2. To see how bad the white smoke after warm up