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Originally Posted by sle39lvr View Post
I wish I can keep it like this, but car understeers immensely. My old GTi had less understeer than this, and thats sad. I would love to put the M3 bar in the back, but as e90pilot stated, I am not a big fan of stiff bars, makes the car feel boxy and gittery on straights.

Wish there was an option for around 15mm.
Agreed with the understeer to a point... but - dunno what gen GTi you refer to (mine was a mark 4), while the understeer is comparable in the braking half of a turn, in the acceleration half it almost completely disappears on the bimmer because of the RWD.

As for the straights... the sway bar does not do anything in straights, it only works when an asymmetrical load is received by the springs (cornering, or hitting bumps with only one side on the car, or 3-wheeled inclines ;-) ).

I actually loved my stiff RSB's on the golf given it's inherent understeer during acceleration, best by far being the Shine. I never upgraded the front sway because a stiffer one makes the car understeer more. So while I am scrathing my head over the thick M3 bar, given the V8 in that car - which would cause even more understeer - I'm figuring the lighter N52 I6 will then maybe oversteer a little ?

Having said that, I might do the rear first and then see how it compares... (but I'm also upgrading to M3 control arms).

One other thing is while I'm on the 18" staggered and the wider patch should have more adherence, I'm slipping in corners if I drive out it harder. So while some say this is a 335i issue, it is present in the 328i as well (even with the OEM sport susp).

The stagger effect is another debatable issue, some say it worsens the dynamics some like Harold say that is not true. After all f1 cars are like that for a reason, granted the suspension there is way beyong anything on-street.