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Originally Posted by Pave Dew View Post

Definite no-no.

Spoke with local friendly tyre shop and he showed the difference between RFT and non RFT same brand of tyres [PS3]. Sidewall stiffness completely different. He likened the "RFT v non-RFT" mix and match to the "cross ply v radial" debate ~ 40yrs ago !!!
Same thoughts myself, about the old cross-ply vs. radial position. Characteristics are so different, and who's controlling which axle gets the RFts, with a limited slip angle?

Personally I'm surprised we only have the official "not recommended", "don't do it" type comments for axle to axle fitment, from the tyre and road safety industries. I wouldn't be surprised if we 'eventually' get a legal stance on the issue.

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