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Originally Posted by sflgator View Post
I don't know, but those guys are friggin nuts...$2,040 for +40hp over stock and +39lb/ft of torque over stock. Somehow, I think the crystal ball shows that either they'll be dropping their price to around $300 or they'll be out of business by the end of the year.

btw -- How do we really know their s/w chip reflash works (just from 1 dyno?) and how do we know it's been proven to be safe without blowing up the engine? Where are all their beta test cars? Gotta love all these fly-by-night companies coming out of the woodwork, huh?

EDIT -- oh, ok...that's the Turner 335i ECU flash. Well, we all thought they were crazy for charging so much (for so little) when it first came out. I guess they won't be selling too many of those things, huh? For that kind of power gain, the quick and easy install/uninstall TT is a much better, more cost effective product, imho.

i guess he'll be sittin on that shit for a while