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Originally Posted by Weird Side Effect View Post
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One requires a caloric surpluss, the other a deficit.

How would one 'gain' muscle while eating less calories than their body requires? Think about it.

Gotcha, but I was able to do it. However, losing weight first was more my intentions. I didnt have HUGE gains, although trying to build big muscles wasnt my goal either. I just wanted to lose weight. I am broad shouldered and have nice muscle mass to begin with anyway, but I like the toned look.

I was just curious to your reasoning as to why. BTW, try not to come across so defensive.
when you first start lifting for the first time, there are newbie gains, but those don't last long.

Thats why you get a lot of young guys who start lifting for the first time obsessing over arms - their bi's blow up (meanwhile everything else lags).