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I can do into the 3.8 range probably... like someone already said, depends on how much you want to beat the hell out of the tranmission.

I have JB4 15 ohm, Mr5 intake, and meth/water injection. 2 CM3 nozzles (one into each intake, prefilter) and a CM10 going into the charge pipe.

No weight reduction, crap 91 octane, 80/20 meth mix, meth adder on JB4 was set to 40, putting target boost to 17.5 psi.

I took an awful quality video on my phone starting in second gear, brake boosting to 6psi and letting go. Sent it to my friend and he did a frame by frame and it came out to be 3.933 0-60. With a healthy car, octane booster / race gas, and a bit more of an aggressive brake boost... I predict 3.8s to be pretty realistic.

My plugs are extremely old, my oil is bad, my transmission needs to be worked on, and will be doing some other maintenance things within the next month or two. Will take to drag sometime around February/March. I am losing boost somewhere and need to find out where before I go hard.
UR DPs and the CX Racing FMIC may go on too by March... which everything considered... and I don't f*** my car up first having too much fun, 3.7X maybe?

We'll see