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Originally Posted by Tizzy View Post
Newbie apologies if this has already been asked before, although it didn't appear on the search.

As with all 3 series, my on order 320d Msport will have the 3mm aux jack connection in the armrest, I didn't order the USB connector as I had other options I wanted more (Prof. Nav & Xenons!) and I was trying to keep the price to a level within my co. car allowance.

So question is, to connect an Ipod Nano via the aux socket, what lead do I need and does this lead come with an Ipod or do I need get one separately?
I guess without the full interface the Ipod tracks list will not display on the Nav screen?

Thanks for your help!

You can run a 3.5mm phono lead from the headphone outlet to the aux in. These are available from currys, B&Q and on amazon for a couple of quid.

In the end I got a belkin one from currys for about £12 because the really cheap ones tend to mess up after a bit.

However, I would recommend that you also get a monster low profile charger:

You still need the phono lead, but this extra cable charges your ipod and let's you use the 'line out' via the dock connection on the bottom of the ipod. This means that the sound bypasses the ipods pre-amp and ultimately means better sound quality when connected to the car.