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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
Of course there will be some who have odd combinations, who don't feel as if they are compromising on tyre choice, but it never makes it best practice, definitely does't follow the advice or recommendations of the experts.

You may not even feel there is any defficiency, but another driver in that same car, may feel it isn't what it ought to be.

Mixing tyres has always had this sort of reaction. I remember reading a guy using 4 odd tyres on a Ford Focus saying it made no difference than having 4 the same, debating it with another guy who had lost the precision of his Focus, by just changing brands. We don't all come from the same place when driving.

We know there can be major issues on something like the E46 330ci when mixing tyres, front to rear. Again some say it makes no difference to the car, but others have found the car becomes near on dangerous, just by having two odd pairs, even Michelin PS1 and PS2 didn't work together. Get a bit of suspension wear in the mix and that can completely change the tyre mix equation.

Big subject, but the official advice is clear, don't mix run-flats with non run-flats.

So pete

Are you saying we should trust tyre manufacturers and the experts (who work for tyre manufacturers) ? They won't have a vested interest in selling more tyres of course

If there is a choice of which experts to take advice from surely that would be BMW, if I'm not mistaken their cars are developed and setup to run on RFT's, as soon as you step away from those you completely compromise the manufacturers design.

This issue is not the same as cross-ply/radial from the 70's and 80's