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Got me phone playing FLAC in the car

Was a bit fed up with the cd player playing MP3 files cos the sound from MP3's are ok but not the best plus the file structure through the Idrive is naff so something had to be done...

I knew I wanted FLAC through the aux input but wasnt sure what would play it. Thought about using my phone but that didn't support FLAC or did it ?? Turns out it doesnt support FLAC but I can download an app called "FolderPlay" that will play FLAC's so downloaded the app, deleted all the old mp3's from the phone memory & intalled 6GB of FLAC musuc to the memory card. So far so good. I would like to say I'm not "that" into phones. Not cos I dont like them with all the gadgets etc but I wont have an expensive phone cos I end up breaking or loosing them every 6 months so I dont get the latest device. My kids have better phones than me!

Anyway, hooked the phone up in the car (Nokia 5800) with the lead into the aux. The phone asks me if I want headphone or line out so I choose line out. Select AUX from the I drive & theres music coming out of the speaker. What a transformation !!! Always thought the hifi system in the car was a bit suspect but the sound was bloody good. I could actually feel the bass for the 1st time 18 months of ownership. Wild wood by Paul Weller was amazing compared to what the MP3 disc could deliver. Tried a quiet song & there was no hiss ( levels were spot on & the "FolderPlay" lets you adjust the gain so it's perfect). The stereo reproduction was so clear & I can actually hear & feel the sub.

Ok it's never going to be the best music system available but the FLAC really does get the best from it & now would be quite happy to leave it as it is.

Anyone got a phone that doesnt support FLAC then search "Folder Play" + "FLAC" + "your phone" & see if it's available for you. I suppose most have IPODs & Iphones but never the less......

Nearly as chuffed with it as my dreambox........