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Originally Posted by (-(ellblazer420 View Post
Good to see this installed it looks great. I have been dreaming about this for a few months after seeing these pictures I am sold.

How do you like the features? Everything seem to work pretty good? Is it distracting at all when driving? In race mode you can do 1/4 mile times? Have you tried it out?
Hey - features work pretty good. It's easy to navigate through the menus once you learn what all the symbols mean. There is a Race mode and you can have it do 1/4 mile/400m times. It will record the time taken to reach certain speeds (0-60) and also the distance traveled to reach 400m (this is out of the manual).
For the 400m race:
"Firstly all LEDs light up red for three seconds and then go out (start preparation). Then the actual start procedure begins with the lowest LED (5) lighting up red. At an interval of one second, the other LEDs (4 to 1) light up red too. When all five LEDs are lit up red, the random generator starts and the LEDs go out within a period of one to three seconds. Start the race immediately after all five LEDs have gone out and accelerate continuously until the clock stops. The clock stops automatically at a distance of 400 m."

For the 1/4 mile race:
"The 1/4 Mile Race travels the US-specific distance of 1/4 mile and is started like in a drag race with a Christmas tree traffic light sequence. The corresponding times and speeds for distances of 60 ft, 330 ft, 1/8 M, 1000 ft and 1/4 M are documented in MPH."

I haven't tested them out yet.

Edit: oh while driving, it's not distracting, you can simply turn off all the displays. The LED indicators won't be lit up unless you have the RPM count real low ... I have mine set to 4000 since that's what I usually shift at. The lights come on sometime over 3,000 so ...
For the track I'm going to set it at 6,500 or so.
I think the M-sport steering wheel (leather one) was actually nicer to hold. This one is noticeably thicker and when doing a 180* turn, holding the top of the wheel where the display is located is kinda unsettling.
As soon as I got the LED shift lights configured, I just couldn't wipe the smile off my face. It's really unique.

I've only driven maybe 20 miles with it.
Originally Posted by Weird Side Effect View Post
Nice pics and badass wheel, but Im not diggin' the wood trim at all. IMO, if you have a race inspired wheel as that, you should have an interior that fits. Wood + race = doesnt go together. Update the trim to aluminum, carbon leather or piano black and it will look MUCH better.
Thanks for the suggestion. Yes I'm realizing that too, it does need different trim. I am considering the BMW Performance CF trim.
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