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Originally Posted by doctor detroit View Post

I've read every post in this thread and I wanted to ask you something that I did not really see addressed.

I have a 2006 330i which I keep impeccably clean. But living in Germany and reaching 120 mph and higher I have a real problem with bugs. I've tried bug remover (Turtle wax) and spend way too much time trying to high pressure wash the bugs off (which I know is not the best for the paint). I've considered a clear bra but I like the challenge.

What is the best method to remove these bugs? This just drives me absolutely nuts. I just ordered some Mother's Clay although I'm still a "clay virgin." Will that help? Anyway TIA for any help you can provide.
Normally I would say car wash soap would be enough to get the bug guts off provided you have a good coat of wax or sealant on he paint. However, if the bug guts are really baked in and hard to remove, then you will need a dedicated tar and bug remover. I believe 3M makes a good one that should take care of your bug problem. One thing to keep in mind, aggressive tar and bug removers will take off any wax o sealant you applied, so you will need to re-wax/seal once you are done.