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1st trip to service at Desimone bmw...

for a simple oil change...

arrived around 820 (appt was 8am, gfriend delays... whatcha gonna do)

drove car into service bay and was approached by a service writer (name to be excluded) the service writer had a wireless touchpad interface used to enter the necessary info.
He asked what i was in for, mentioned Oil change, his response was oh did the car tell you it needed it ? no I'm here for my 1k oil change, uh you dont need it... I want to remove the break in oil. oh ok. I explained there was enough pictures to prove 15k oil changes wasnt a good idea (i didnt argue just stated, he didnt argue just listened) I mentioned the price was previously negotiated and he said not a problem.

next he asked if all i wanted was the oil changed I said yes, he asked about the filter and i was kinda suprised, ofcourse i want the filter changed too ! not a problem.

he offered to wash the car but that was unnecessary, I asked if he could vac the inside but this isnt a service they provide. no big deal.

the car was ready slightly under the 1hr he promised , desimone service kept my car clean, performed the oil change and provided a sample for blackstone (requested).

I asked him a few questions regarding , the CA keyfob, service loaners. Everything was answered to my satisfaction... and to my suprised a replacement CA keyfob and key was around $180... I was figuring $600+

anyways no issue to report but upon inital contact i was aprehensive by his questions... kinda like speaking to a lawer... if i asked for the oil to be changed they would change it and not touch the filter... need to clarify exactly whats requested. this can be good or bad... either way everything worked out.

take care guys

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