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Originally Posted by BoostedBMW View Post
I finally had the time this morning to go out and bleed my clutch again (its been almost a week since the first time). Anyway, thanks to the members on here for giving me some info that I simply overlooked. I didn't realize that the brake reservoir was partitioned and that the clutch line can become empty rather quickly if you aren't constantly filling up the master cylinder in between each bleed. I ended up running it dry and filling up the line with air, which is why my clutch pedal fell to the floor, but I thought that it was filled since the rest of the reservoir was at the max line. Long story short, since I discovered this I was able to bleed my clutch with no problems and all is well now. Shifting feels great now, a lot more like my last car without a CDV. You can feel everything that is going on now. I'm happy. Thanks to everyone for the help.
Glad to know it all worked out for you.
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