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Drives: 2006 BMW 330i
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I purchased the wedge led bulb from

One year on and I have passenger side door lock issues and cannot/could not open the door from inside or out. I checked fuses 56 and 57. I had replaced 56 with a 20amp when I changed the driverís side door actuator and it was fine. Fuse 57 looked blown (black mark and break in the center looking side-on). After replacing fuse 57 with a 20amp fuse the doors still would not unlock. The driverís side door unlocked manually from the inside by pulling the handle, or outside with the key. Oddly, the driverís side rear would unlock at the same time. The passenger side doors still would not unlock.

Having recently purchased the enthusiast Bavarian Technic scan tool/cable to register a new battery, I hooked it up to see what I could find. Under the junction box electronics (JBE) folder I looked at the faults. There were two faults present and active:
Relay ZV unlock
Relay ZV lock

Under activations I clicked the reset ECU.
I then clicked the erase fault codes button, again under the JBE folder.

I also looked in the car access system (CAS) folder, but this seemed okay. Once I unplugged the tool, I tried the unlock button on the center dash and the doors unlocked!

Iím thinking it is just a matter of time before the front passenger side actuator goes so I just ordered one from Tischer BMW ( for $72.08. Prices have gone up in a year!

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