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sailchoudry I can send you some usefull links

If you can send me your email address that will help you do and easy install.
You probably can't mail yet Iwould guess.

Also if you specify what kind of music you listen to Musicar will tailor the system to that and your budget.

Do you have a coupe or sedan/wagon the coupe doors are a little thinner
which limits the speaker selection.

redline2001 did you mean to replace it.
If you were dumpster diving for parts on your own about
900 bucks and getting stuff from a lot of different places then
putting it all together and tuning it . You don't have to do any of that
with a Musicar kit the harness is prewired to the amp and the amp is
set up with the right crossover points. The crossovers are pre wired also
you just plug the speakers in . So its run power and ground, plug the technic
harness into the amp connector. Install the speakers in the doors and floors,
which also just plug in . No soldering, crimping or wiring required.

The musicar systems start around 1k and up for better speakers more
and better amps, processors etc., plus you get e9x tech support if required.

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