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Originally Posted by 335 oClock View Post
I need the newer version of TPMS, I can trade you my older version for the older models (09 and below)

need model RDE-012 thanks!
There are various models that will work, so limiting yourself to RDE-012 may be doing a disservice. It's probably best to shop using the bmw part number that you need.

I have part number 36106790054, which is actually model RE4D for what I have. If you check the compatibility on realoem, you will see that this is the part number you need. Any E92 after 9/09 build is compatible with this part.

So, I have a full set of what you need.

Basically I got stuck with these sensors in wheels I bought from a 2010 335i, but I have a 2008 so I had to swap the sensors with my old wheels.

So, I just got back from the dealer and yes I do have a free set now in hand to get rid of.

But, I need to decide if I am to take you up on this trade or to sell them. Let me think this over for a day and see what I want to do for a winter set. If I am going to reuse my old wheels then I could use your set. If I am to sell my old wheels and get a 17" winter wheel/tire set from tire rack then I will just order something already mounted and balanced with tpms included from them.