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Originally Posted by peterg1965 View Post
James, more details please
Not much to say really, pretty low spec cooper s in hyper blue with chilli pack, so with xenons (which have a switch for lhd ), half leather, plus mp3/cd boot head unit and mf steering wheel controls, so also has cruise. It has the s spokes rather than bullets, but I like both.

I thought the car also had full leather, but it didn't in the end. No matter.

Was aiming to pay around 5800 but ended up at 6000 which was not too bad I don't think.

Key was that the car & seller seem genuine, bought from a main dealer last year for around 10000, current mileage 46,000. Good life left in the pirelli run flats allround too.

These do drive very well - these are cracking cars - brought back vivid memories why I bought a hatchback cooper s in 2004 instead of a 996 c4s - it felt like it was almost as much fun to drive, and it is still true, for less than a 3rd of the price. Lots of instant shove from the supercharged engine, and go-kart handling.

911 is going in for some restoration for several months, hence this is a temporary 3rd car until the spring - I'll either sell it in France (where an equivalent left hand drive is worth 2x as much - remains to be seen how much rhd would sell for, if at all!), or we may keep it as it'll be nice to have a cabrio.
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