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Originally Posted by QLD View Post
I'm very keen to test your $5 Sprintbooster clone that you can claim you can make using parts from Tandy.

Let me know when you can supply it - happy to test for you.
Actually, you should be getting it for FREE if you have the DTUK tune - if it is as good as it says it is, it can easily just alter the throttle position reading and adjust torque output accordingly.

As for building one yourself, you must be nuts to think the parts are anything more than $5 for a voltage amplifier and a piece of plastic. Accounting for 'R&D' and 'profit', it should be no more than $20. You can't argue it's anything more sophisticated than that because the site itself says all it does is amplify the voltage signal. There is no research or development needed.

I know the PROcede has throttle sensitivity adjustment but I've left it as stock due to wanting to have all my pedal travel to work with on the track.

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