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I just bought mw3 the other night for ps3 and im very disappointed. I've had bf3 for pc on ULTRA since release date for reference.

Why don't I like mw3? Well mainly because I paid 60$ for a map pack. I did by it however because my gf likes to play with me and she doesn't have a good computer to run bf3. Has anyone tried playing split screen? I can't see a fucking thing on my 46" samsung, its literally impossible and the graphics look like goldeneye from n64. Trying to join a game literally takes 10 minutes every time and we always get disconnected. I am really just underwhelmed with this game and don't understand why people like it so much, I actually liked black ops better .

BF3 Is by far the best FPS I have played, not including cs 1.6 because its a different type of fps to me. The graphics are fucking INSANE and the sounds is fucking INSANE also. With my beastly headphones on playing in the dark I literally feel like im in the game and explosions and rockets flying over my head actually make me jump. The game doesn't get old and is always a blast. Playing with your friends in squads is a blast, having everyone in the same chopper or working a tank with a friend is too much fun. Besides the fun and WOW factor at the visuals/audio the FPS part of the game is great. Sniping feels really good in the game and most of the guns feel great, I don't really know how to explain it but it feels smooth and realistic.

I'm having a blast with bf3 you should buy it!

* I didn't proof read any of that ^ so good luck!