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Cut the wires

Originally Posted by Saintor View Post
I don't rely on sensors any. I cut them and taped the wires together. The front sensor came with too early and the pads are still 3/16". I am ok until the end of this year.
Hi Saintor, so you just cut the sensor wire and that is it. I would do this for front and back then. I wonder how the sensor works, then, I assumed it was live and when it wore off some material, it triggered, but if you can connect them and stop the light, then it must be the other way around?

I can not get the brake setting to come up on our car. It is a 2006 BMW 330Cic. It uses a key to start, it does not have the engine start button. The BC button is on the stalk, but there is no scroll wheel on the stalk to switch between screens.