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Originally Posted by G.I.Joe View Post
Yeah, it's quicker than I thought it would be, but hey, I'll take it. Will have to wait until Mr.5 checks his mail before I can claim it though...

I will probably hit the dyno this thursday morning if all goes well. It will be very interesting to compare to your results with meth.
What brand of dyno? Do you have a dynojet near you? I mean without meth, I had a best of 401whp...but a best WTQ of 407. And my deltas from that particular dyno (different place than my meth dyno) were 91whp, 92wtq. My delta from the dyno last year, the same place I dynoed this weekend, was 100whp, 81wtq. Please do make sure to do a dyno in stock mode to get your Deltas, as this will help tell the story. But just for meth delta? 144whp, 171wtq. That tells the true story of the benefits of meth injection.