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Rear View Cam Question

Hey guys,

I have been trying to figure this out but with no luck.

I purchased a backup camera originally from ModMyNav but unfortunately never got it, got to be very "thankful" to USPS, they suck! So I ended up doing a charge-back via my credit card and purchased one off of eBay, looks exactly like the one ModMyNav has on their site according to the picture.

I ended up connecting all of the things according to the installation instructions via ModMyNav and it pretty much is the same exact thing and followed the instructions with no hassle because I am assuming it is the same as they sell.

I noticed that some people are saying they can activate the Rear View Camera on one side of the nav screen, and on the other to still have GPS guidance if needed, but I am not able to enable it for Half Screen, only Full Screen.

Can someone assist in this please.