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Originally Posted by m1bjr View Post
No matter what your level of expertise
you cannot brake individual wheels like the stability management software
so there is no point in not using it on a road car
But you shouldn't have to mate, to drive these cars quickly you do
Need it OFF.

If the car wants to start going sideways, I'd rather have the input on getting it correct than DSC which Just slows the car down no matter what and with no other input. This makes the car (which is obviously travelling beyond it's traction capabilities already) push on wide and end up in the hedge anyhow if your already breaking the laws of physics.
I'd rather use my own feet and hands!

Just my opinion. I did find the car not only MUCH faster without it, but also far more manageable when traction was lost with it fully disabled.

The car is far more predictable with it off.
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