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Originally Posted by Gibbo View Post
Hi Paul,

Good read on your car buying decisions, I don't believe I have seen one on the road and I will keep an eye out for one. The side profile has a bit of Porsche Panemera in my eyes from the pics you have posted of the one with 19" rims in grey.

It's nice to have a change and I guess the fuel costs on an M3 get a bit painful on a day to day basis. I wonder if your car may come in a bit early as VW group give long lead times and sometimes they come in quicker. When we ordered our Yeti I was quoted 5 months from a few dealers, when we ordered it came in about 10 weeks but other Yeti's ordered at the same time took 5 months for the dealer to get them in.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts when you get it.
Yes, I can see the Panamera in the side view. They are pretty rare on the road, that made it more attractive to me and put me off the 5 series a little (there are tons of em about!!).

The M3 is doing £100 per week on fuel (on a bad week) which is getting silly, this car will more than halve that!

As for delivery, kinda hoping it's not too early as I can't get rid of the M3 until the last payment comes out so the thought of it sitting there waiting will be a killer ha ha

Looking forward to writing a review on it