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Originally Posted by CaptOz View Post
Atilla - what did they charge you for your 335i? Were you able to obtain a discount?

Hi CaptOz, I feel I obtained a reasonable price (my order is at work I'll let you know tomorrow) but I didn't get much of a discount. Certainly the least discount I have ever obtained on a new car! The trouble is the dealers know that these cars are in very high demand - and short supply - and as a result can just about hold full list or give a token discount. My sales person wasn't being smart (he is actually a good egg - there you go Nick) when he said to my business partner (who had just received a massive discount on his new car - Mercedes CLK350) "I can sell this vehicle ten times over" He meant it! You have a better chance of negotiating a good deal on your trade in if you have one.
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