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Originally Posted by QLD View Post
And that costs $85 dollars delivered, like the one I posted??

(for those interested in a diy bargain - this won a top 20 placing in Motor magazines 2008 product of the year awards)


Found a few on ebay:

I asked the seller if it works on an E90 and this was his reply:

"This tool works with a BMW e90 (I have one) with a condition.

BMW uses two diagnostic interfaces; OBDII which this tool is compatible with, and some error codes are visible, and a BMW specific CAN system which uses the same port that this tool is not compatible with.

The CAN system registers additional codes that may not result in a error on the OBDII system. For example, my car has a Window Anti Trap fault, which is not visible through this tool; however the CAN system shows the additional error codes that the dealer would use for diagnosis."

So it looks like the BT tool is the most complete.