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On The Track?

So I just lemon-lawed a Boss 302(Chinese made transmission= total junk)
and can get a $12k discount on a M-Sport equipped 335D(but without the friggen paddle shifters, but that rant is for another thread).
I drove it on the same 270 degree onramp as I did when I test drove the Boss, and the D actually stayed flatter throughout. Up 'til this point the BMW's in the family have all belong to my wife(535-335iMsport), but this time I'm looking HARD at one. I need it to not embarrass us both at the track however, but being a '3', it's gotta have near 50/50 weight(alhough the diesel motor might put more weight up front..I gotta check that), appears that you can get 400bhp, and over 500ft-lbs/tq, so that just leaves some good coil-overs. Downside is the transmission, but I guess when you've got a car putting out that much torque, the manufacturer's gotta use whatever trans they have that'll hold it. And in this case the only one BMW has is the slushbox. I'm hoping soon someone will come up with a programmer that'll stiffen up the shifts in it. I've owned Duramax-equipped trucks for the past 7 years, and everybody and their brother has reprogrammers for both the motor AND trans out for those things. Hopefully it's just a matter of time for the 'D'.
Anyway...I wanna hear from anyone who's track-day'd their 335D. I wanna know how well it did, and if any probs crept up.
Thanx In aDVaNCe!