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Originally Posted by flipmde786 View Post
Whatever the case, the sunroof should not randomly shatter like that. These cars (as well as others) are supposedly tested in the most extreme conditions to ensure things like this don't happen in our lives. Apparently someone isn't doing their job right. An exploding sunroof is ridiculous and should never happen, whatever the case (unless a huge rock hits it).

The weather conditions we experience are all "normal," and the car is supposed to be wind tested to high speeds so our driving speeds (and any impending pressure changes) are "normal" too. There is no excuse for exploding sunroofs.

It really should not matter unless a fairly large sized rock hits the sunroof. If the glass is of an appropriate thickeness and properly tempered, it should not shatter. Quite frankly, even if a rock did it it, it is still most likely defective glass.

And, if the glass wasn't manufactured defectively, then there is something wrong with the design. It is foreseeable that small rocks will occasionally strike the sunroof, and the sunroof should be designed to withstand those small impacts without shattering.

Any way you slice it, the sunroof is most likely defective. This issue should be properly reported to BMW and addressed before someone gets hurt.
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