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Well, Steve hit the first couple snags in the install. The front strut mounts in my car are 1/4" shorter than the ...943 guide supports. I was expecting my car to have the ...098 part, and that it would be taller, not shorter, than the 943's. So, in go the lowering perches.

[EDIT: my car does have the ...098 guide support, as expected. It is 0.2" shorter than the ...943 guide support that is used on non-sport E90s and many other BMW models.]

The E46 strut mounts, p/n 31 33 6 760 943, are 2.37" high.

Another snag is that new bolts are needed to attach the M3 lower control arm to the subframe. Somehow I neglected to order them, they weren't in any parts list I saw.

So, the bolts are on order and work resumes tomorrow.
2007 328i ZSP. M3 suspension: custom valved Bilstein shocks, Hyperco race springs, M3 lower control arms front and rear, M3 sway bars, and M3 subframe bushings. E46 front guide supports. Euro tail lights.

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