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let me say i was extremely apprehensive about this install. mostly because the khoalty kit i purchased from e92lighting didn't come with much (diagram/key wise). and the picture on their website didn't look like my parts at all. on top of that, it seemed like everybody was having one problem or another either with install or operation...

but i handled it!

also, i didn't take the front dome off. i just took the frosted cover off & then took the little black housings for the map lights off too. (be careful here because a flathead or pic could damage the black housing, the frosted glass will only cover the mirror if you damage that)

i did take the rear dome off & this ate up the bulk of my time because i couldn't get the dome light to seat properly...but i just kept messing with it and after about 20 mins of unplugging and replugging & messing with the two little pins it finally worked.

everything else was very straight forward. didn't blow any fuses. no flickering. very pleased with the color, too. very white. some better instructions would have helped and i would have installed it 6 months ago when i bought it.

either way, thanks e92lighting! lovin' it!
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