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Originally Posted by QLD View Post
I know, you keep telling us how easy it is and how simple it is.. that's why I'm keen to test yours that you can easily make for $20.

Let me know when we can test out your $20 devices... hell, I may even buy a thousand of them... god knows they work a treat... in fact are a MUST have for anyone with a turbo car.....

Write back when your $20 device is ready for testing.... until then your credibility is taking a bit of a hammering with all this chat about - how it easily is created and how simple it is to make... and how it easily costs only $20 to make one yourself.

Look forward to your reply... but only when your simple $20 device is ready for testing.
I don't know why you're focusing on the need for me to make one for $20, the fact of the matter is it's a voltage amplifier, which, in electronics is one of the cheapest components you can have. It's like paying $300 for a god damn hammer, I'm gonna tell you that a hammer is not worth that much, and then you're challenging me to make a hammer for less. I'm not gonna make that hammer because it's common sense that the materials and 'R&D' are not worth the amount charged, and you can grab one from Bunnings for $2. Same deal with a voltage amplifier and plugging it into the circuit of the throttle module. My credibility stands firm because I am exercising common sense in how I spend my money - not blindly ripped off by a gimmick directed at people just like you.

Following from that logic, when I say a car isn't worth the money being paid for, my credibility will take a hammering unless I can build that car for less money. What?

As for what you just quoted me, I was referring to the fact that the D-TUK tune should have throttle sensitivity built into the software if it really is even half decent. THAT is further evidence of the redundancy of the pedalbox, when a simple software change is able to replicate what it does, essentially making component cost $0. I'm not sure you completely understand how drive-by-wire works.

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