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went into a shop to have this done today. I was told it was 8-10 hour process -not buying that. They told me they can't cut and weld with manifold on. The process they said would be remove manifold cut and tac weld. Place it back for fitting, remove again and final weld and then install. I looked at it and it looked like there would be enough space to weld in place after removing the cats. Can you elaborate more on your process and the time it took?
It's not a 8 hour process at all. If they know what they are doing, they can take off the manifold, cut the cats off and tac weld a new pipe in place.
You can cut it with it being on the manifold but that's just too trouble some if the tools won't fit there.

On the other hand, you can buy a used set of OEM headers on ebay, and cut them yourself and weld a new pipe in place. Then bring a shop to install them for you. But this requires more work, hence why people just buy headers to install.