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The true octane raiting of E85 is about 94-96 according to "If a retailer chooses to post octane, they should be aware that the often cited 105 octane is incorrect. This number was derived by using ethanol’s blending octane value in gasoline. This is not the proper way to calculate the octane of E85. Ethanol’s true octane value should be used to calculate E85’s octane value. This results in an octane range of 94-96 (R+M)/2. These calculations have been confirmed by actual-octane engine tests." You can read more at

I usually run 50/50 ish of a blend. The mods I have are as follows: JB4, Meth, ETS FMIC, AR C@tless DP's, BMS DCI, CDV delete. I run Map 3 all the time with a max boost of 17psi.

Let me know if you need to know where to buy meth and 101, 105 unleaded in Denver.