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Originally Posted by carve View Post
No problem.

Speeds and distances vary by who I'm riding with. In my mellow grip, we'll go like 8 or 9 miles, 7 or 8 mph. In my fast group, it's more like 15-40 miles...maybe low teens for the shorter rides, and 7 or so for the longer ones. You have to pace yourself when going all day carrying 20 pounds of water up steep hills.

Same for road bike. If I'm commuting to work (11 miles) or on a short ride I always aim to average about 20, not including stops at lights. I can even do a 20 moving average on a century, but it involves lots of drafting and breaks. Steady pace without taking many breaks would be more like 15 on my own, 20+ in a group.

It takes a while though. Once you're comfortable, the best way to get faster is to try to ride with people faster than you.
Commuting to work on a road bike sounds like awesome idea! Man, you rock!

Do you commute all year around, or there is temperature limit you will tolerate?

Originally Posted by just4kickz View Post
i think i usually average like 12-13mph... really depends on if I/friend am/is pushing or not or if there's a headwind. Sometimes it's fun to push it for a good mile and go like 18-20mph, but of course this is on a road and on a road bike. can't see a off-road bike going that speed unless your going downhill
Since my bike is "hybrid" it has wide tires. Not as wide as MB and not as rugged, but I'm guessing anything wider than road bike tires does not help speedwise.

I do get much faster downhill. Wish I could go that fast as normal riding.

May be if I ride often my wife will not object too too much if eventually I get road bike.
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