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Double clutching yes or no?


I have a question regarding double clutching:

Now, as far as I understand it, you want to have the car balanced - "set" - at all times, especially through a turn. With double clutch, this does not seem possible:

When driving on the street, I will brake lightly (transferring weight to the front) with my right foot
Now I push the clutch in, and move the shifter from say 4th gear to neutral, move the clutch out
Now, in order to "blip" the throttle, I must take my foot off the brake (hence transferring weight back to the rear, relatively) and press the accelerator
Then, I can push the clutch in, slide in 3rd gear, and release the clutch
After this is over, I can continue braking - hence transferring the weight back to the front again

Even though this procedure doesn't take long, and the "balance disturbance" is ideally in a straight line, I am still concerned.

Any opinions?