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Originally Posted by DimSum View Post
It's not a 8 hour process at all. If they know what they are doing, they can take off the manifold, cut the cats off and tac weld a new pipe in place.
You can cut it with it being on the manifold but that's just too trouble some if the tools won't fit there.

On the other hand, you can buy a used set of OEM headers on ebay, and cut them yourself and weld a new pipe in place. Then bring a shop to install them for you. But this requires more work, hence why people just buy headers to install.
I see what your saying. I was just initially going off of your post where you said that this could all be done with the manifold in place. I have seen used manifolds on Ebay. Around $400 or so. Plus labor for new pipe it is almost the same cost as headers.

I thought this would be a cheaper process if it could stay on and I read the thread about the race team that chose to delete cats over supersprint headers. I have no problem removing the cats myself with my friends or father and having someone weld up pipes. Should save a few bucks like that.

Question is, with the manifold off will the muffler shop be able to weld in pipes that keep the same overall length and replicate the angle of the pipe so that it bolts into the exhaust under the car?