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Hello everyone! Long time no see. Lemme first catch everyone up on everything... I had a Space Gray Metallic 335i. It got really expensive ($485/mo. pmt., sunroof went to crap, needed new tires within 4 months of having it. my fault for not checking, waste gate rattling). ...
So I have been "sharing" my dad's 2011 E90 328i for the past half year. Saving my money and getting ready for another car with a comfy pmt that I can pay without burning a hole in my pocket every month. (I am a 22yr. student)...

So I have been on the search, and I can't get over how fun the 335i was, so I have been looking for one I can afford.

My buddy has a dealership and just got a blue 335i a couple weeks ago. He is selling it to me for $17,600. after everything my pmts will be $330/month, which is perfect for me. He is also throwing a 3month warranty on top of it so I can feel safe about the purchase. And the car has been inspected through EuroSport, a respected Bimmer tuner. Has brand new tires on it!

HERES THE CATCH: 122k miles on it! ... BUT its drives PERFECT! all highway miles. It actually drives better than my old 335i. It is in such good condition my friend or mom that i took couldn't believe it had that many miles on it. They thought it had 30k miles at the most.

So what do you guys think? Should I pull the trigger and join this awesome forum again, or just look for a cheaper other car that isn't near half as enjoyable. I know 122k miles is a lot of miles, but seriously this car is in immaculate shape. Should I just not let the miles get to me and enjoy it?!
Anyone with 100k+ miles please chime in.

Link is here:

Thank you for everyone's support, This is by far my most favorite forum to be on. Everyone is so helpful and nice.
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