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I'm kind of a fan of Call of Duty games, I loved MW2 and Black Ops. I played Modern Warfare 3 yesterday for the first time...I word: Disappointed. The game is far from real. Knifing is way off, you can crouch or dive to prone, shooting is a joke, overall the game just seems unfinished. You basically just spray and pray that you got the enemy. All I see is people going rambo jumping out of the blue and killing 2 or 3 people before they die and respawn to do it again. I hate that. In real warfare, there will never be a solider going rambo because it just won't happen. If it did, we won't have any solders left.

Black Ops felt much more accurate in terms of killing people. Of course Blacks Ops had their flaws, but IMHO it was better then MW3. I'm thinking on trading it in or just getting it on Black Friday.

I'm looking for a game where there you use strategy, teamwork and communication to win. MW3 is far from that and when there are actually people who do want to communicate, they are either 10 or 11 years old or 2 nerds fighting because one guy got 20 kills off of another guy from camping. I see more strategy, teamwork, and communication in Battlefield and thats most likely where I'm headed.

In conclusion, MW3 was just all a hype and people bought into it.