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Originally Posted by steve.kodra View Post
I have 2 335xi's and would recommend the AWD. Peace of mind in the snow! JMHO
yeah....confidence and peace of mind is always nice.....

Originally Posted by E30M3Driver View Post
I've been driving rear wheel drive BMWs with snows for years and there have only been a handful of times that I haven't been able to go where I want and I have never gotten stuck (but almost have).

I also tend to have a 4WD vehicle as a second or third car available and there are times I have been out in that (skiing, mountains and deep snow) and if I had been in my BMW it would not have worked until roads or parking lots were plowed.

If your BMW is your only car and RWD, I would recommend a more aggressive snow tire tread rather than a performance snow tire and you will have better results. You'll be limited then only by clearance, driving skills, ice and really, really steep hills or combinations of those things.
I mean i really like my car......but the rwd is just more performanc oriented ....

Im thinking about having my girlfriend get an x3.....she doesnt want anything big otherwise id have her get the x5. I feel like if she had that we would always just take that to the mountains to ski and it would probably have snow tires on it so i feel like it would be pretty capable.

The only problem would be if only i was going up there.........because i cant leave her my car as its a stick.....even though she will be learning soon enough.

I def think that driving skills would play a big part, im pretty sure id be capable enough.

My cousin has a 330 with blizzaks and he doesnt have any real problems i the snow...but thats not out in the mountains with big inclines or anything soooo