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Originally Posted by Kroy View Post
Feeding 5-8 I think. We're budgeting around $25/person. I'd love to make this all myself, but just thinking of all the mise en place makes me cringe. I'd want to do it the right way if I made it myself. Way too much prep and clean up. Especially if we end up doing it at my house. I don't want to deal with the aftermath.

I'll give making the sides myself some more thought...
I made all the sides with my sister last year and we picked up a turkey that we ordered a week or two ahead of time. Since we only had 1 oven it worked out perfectly. Cooking the turkey takes up the entire oven for hours and hours. Can probably prep and cook the sides you want in under 2 1/2 hours from start to finish with clean up included. Believe me the recipes are so simple.
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