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Originally Posted by O-cha View Post
Frying a turkey isn't that hard... I would even say it's easy and it's way quicker and more delicious then boiling. Plus you get to fry all sorts of random stuff with the leftover oil, although it all tastes a bit like turkey.

steps to fry a turkey, put turkey in giant pot, fill with oil over top of turkey, take turkey out and heat oil, but turkey back in slowly.... Seriously, not that hard.

If you;re retarded and fill the pot up all the way then think it's not going to spill over when you put the turkey in, well you're just dumb.
And this is why I have always loved O-cha.. keeps things simple and to the point...

However, I have seen/heard enough turkey frying horror stories to be fearful of the results of frying turkey... Who the fuck has a pot that can fit a turkey!?!? Need a friggin cauldron.. hah
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